Deondre Nolan, Head Writer

Deondre Nolan, the resident writer at YourSignSays, has been fascinated by astrology and the universe since he was a child. When he discovered in college that he had a true knack for writing, he never imaged that he would be able to merge his two passions – the zodiac, and the written word.

Now, Deondre has been writing astrology-based articles and horoscopes for years on a variety of platforms, reaching thousands of regular viewers. When not working, Deondre loves reconnecting to nature and the universe, going on meditation retreats, and baking.

Mary Newsom, Editor

It’s not often that one is able to merge their passion with their job, so when Mary Newsom had the opportunity to work closely with Deondre Nolan and YourSignSays, she jumped on it. Blending her love for writing and astrology, she is putting her degree in English and Journalism to good use.

When not working closely with Deondre, Mary spends her free time working out, cuddling with her puppy, and sleeping in with her husband. She is a Libra through-and-through and is always looking for a way to make everyone happy in her life.