4 Zodiac Signs That Keep Shading an Ex Way After It’s Over

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Even when it’s over…It isn’t over for these 4 zodiac signs who still keep up the fight after parting ways with their ex. not content to let things go and move on, these 4 zodiac signs don’t forget easily, and aren’t quite done with everything they have to say in the matter.

Instead, they find ways to throw shade and continue to make their displeasure known to their ex and everyone else! Here are the horoscopes for these 4 “shady” zodiac signs!

1. Scorpio (October 23-November 21)

If you know anything about astrology and Scorpio in particular, then you know the scorpion is a vengeful creature. However, not everything Scorpio does is harsh. Scorpios are very cunning and shrewd, and they can be very subtle when throwing shade at their ex.

One of the foremost ways they do so is to post things letting everyone “see” how fabulous their life is without their ex. This is done with the clear knowledge that their ex will see it or catch wind of it. Scorpio does this in the hopes that it will provoke envy, jealousy and take any air out of the notion that their ex was important or an asset to their life.

2. Sagittarius (November 22-December 21)

Sagittarius might be positive, upbeat and encouraging – but all that goes straight out the window after a breakup when it comes to an ex. That monumental event causes the hotheaded side of Sagittarius to come out, the one that is disgruntled, tactless and very outspoken.

Sagittarius’ first move is to belittle their ex. So if their ex has ever done anything short of a shining moment that they captured in a picture or on video, there’s a good chance Sagittarius is going to post it on social media and add a comment intended to make their ex look foolish. Sagittarius has a tendency to over-exaggerate things, so they will make the hugest deal out of every piece of dirt they can dig up on their ex.

3. Virgo (August 23-September 22)

Perfectionist Virgo is a master of details – plus, adding to that their unparalleled analytical skills – and you’ve got the equivalent of a Park Avenue lawyer who is ready to eat their ex’s lunch. The goal: Use everything their ex ever did or said to make them look like a liar and an ignorant idiot in the eyes of all their mutual friends and acquaintances.

Masterfully, Virgo turns their ex’s words and any memory lapses against them. In the end, everyone will agree with Virgo that their ex was totally beneath them and the breakup is good riddance!

4. Gemini (May 21-June 20)

Gemini shades their ex by acting as if they never existed. They immediately strip any connection with their ex from their life, removing any and all photos/videos/posts off their social media accounts. Gemini blocks their ex and completely goes into ghost-mode, never again responding to any attempts at communication from their ex. Gemini wants to ensure they will never have to make contact with their ex ever again.

If necessary, Gemini will even take the extreme step of breaking off ties with mutual acquaintances that might be too friendly toward their ex or would potentially make them cross their ex’s path. In the most severe situation, Gemini will even relocate if that’s what it takes to erase their ex from their life.