5 Zodiac Signs That Need Good Car Insurance


Let me start this off by saying that every person, regardless of zodiac sign, needs to have car insurance. Not only is the law, but it will protect you should you ever find yourself in an accident. You don’t want to be paying hundreds (or worse, thousands) of dollars out of pocket for an accident.

However, most people decide what type of car insurance they want based on their driving record. For example, if you’re a good driver who has never gotten into an accident, you probably don’t need to pay a very high premium every month. But, if you’re someone who gets into an accident every year, you’ll want to be protected against any sort of mishap.

And, while many people trust zodiac signs to explain their personality, others use it to determine who is a good driver and who is not. Are you more likely to be a bad driver simply because of the month you were born in? Maybe so! Based on the stars in the sky, here are the five zodiac signs that need to make sure they have good car insurance!


This may be a bit surprising, especially because Virgos are such perfectionists, but they’re not necessarily the best drivers. While they rarely drive above the speed limit or take any serious risks, they often hesitate and overthink situations, which can lead to accidents. 


Libras are not angry drivers by any means, but they don’t know how to make a quick decision on the road. Their indecisiveness can lead to accidents, especially on the highway.


Pisces are usually very nice drivers and always let people merge onto the highway or take the last parking spot, but they aren’t always focused on the road. They tend to be a little caught up in their own head, which can lead to them forgetting to check their blind spots, turn on their blinker, or not notice when the light has changed from green to red. 


Geminis tend to not worry about running late, so they’re not prone to speeding or making any hasty decisions. However, Geminis are not afraid to multitask in the car, which can lead to accidents. They’ll put on their makeup in traffic, eat a whole meal, and call their mom all at the same time.


Aries drivers know how to get from point A to point B in record time, but this decisiveness can get them into trouble. They’re not afraid to weave through traffic, but sometimes they’ll take a risk when they really shouldn’t.