Aquarian Forces are Strong as Moon, Sun and 4 Planets Gather in Air Sign

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Aquarian forces will be strong as the Sun, Moon and four planets are in the air sign of Aquarius, as several top astrologers offer today’s forecast; plus, astrology news, horoscopes and famous birthdays for February 11.

Astrology news and horoscopes for February 11, 2021

The Sun is in the sign of Aquarius. Today brings a New Moon in the sign of Aquarius. Mercury is in retrograde until Feb 21.

Current planet positions:

Sun in Aquarius; Moon in Aquarius; Mercury in Aquarius; Venus in Aquarius; Mars in Taurus; Jupiter in Aquarius; Saturn in Aquarius; Uranus in Taurus; Neptune in Pisces; Pluto in Capricorn; Lilith in Taurus; Chiron in Aries.

Horoscopes for February 11:                                                

Astrologer Aria Gmitter of Your Tango, gives her love forecast, writing: “Lots of good energy is coming our way in the love department, and it all starts with the New Moon. The Moon joined with five other planets in an air sign means that we are encouraged to use our minds for what we seek to experience during this phase of our love life.”

Astrologer Patrick Arundell writes: “Today’s New Moon in Aquarius could open a door to new opportunities especially related to social media, groups and friends. It’s the chance of a new beginning that could see us moving in other circles and perhaps getting involved in some teamwork.”

Astrologer Lynn Hayes of Astrodynamics examines the meaning of peak Aquarius under the Aquarius New Moon. Hayes writes: “This is a pretty potent lunar event with several planetary alignments to bump up the intensity even more…At the Aquarius New Moon we begin with new ideas and an awakened embrace of changing ideals and philosophies to better prepare us for the changes going on all around us.”

Born today, February 11: Sun sign of Aquarius

Those born today are born under the Sun sign of Aquarius (January 20 – February 18).

If today is your birthday: Here’s your horoscope!

Astrologer Georgia Nichols writes: “This year let go of what is no longer relevant or useful and move on to something new and different. This is not a time of loss. Au contraire! You are lightening your load to make room for new beginnings!”

Famous birthdays for February 11

Here is today’s list of Aquarius celebrities who share February 11 as their birthday!

Actress Jennifer Aniston (52), Singer Sheryl Crow (59), Actor Taylor Lautner (29), Singer Brandy (42), Actress Tina Louise (“Gilligan’s Island”) (83), Vocalist Mike Shinoda (Linkin Park) (44) Actor Matthew Lawrence (41), Singer Kelly Rowland (40), Actress Natalie Dormer (39), Singer D’Angelo (47), Musician Sergio Mendes (80).