Astrology Predictions and News for May 12, 2020


Here is your roundup of astrology news, horoscopes, and famous birthdays for May 12, 2020.

Astrology Predictions RoundUp for May 12

Here is an aggregate of astrological predictions from a variety of top astrologers for your May 12 horoscope.

Patrick Arundell says: “Mercury moved into Gemini yesterday where it is naturally very at home, and this can find us more inquisitive and eager for new information.”

Lynn Hayes of Astrodynamics gives an overall view for the week, particularly warning of “the kind of things that can happen when Saturn turns retrograde” and the year I had when there “will eventually be seven planets retrograde.”

Lynn goes on to advise: “This is a year where there’s a lot of retrograde activity, which means a lot of looking backward having to redo things in our life that maybe weren’t done perfectly the first time or maybe they were done perfectly but life has changed and we have to agree to change something, or many things, in our life.”

Nadia Gilchrist of Ruby Slipper says: “Mercury’s trines to Pallas and Saturn presents strategies that are cool, calm and collected. One choice will be clear, and the limits around that choice will make things certain rather than suffocating. Excellent for planning and making sense of new facts and contacts.”

Tarot card reading for May 12

Beth from Owl’s Daughter gives us the tarot card of the week, the Seven of Pentacles, and combines it with the influence of the “four very important retrogrades” we will be adjusting to this week. Beth advises:

“There is time now to carefully consider and re-consider where your roots are, what you value most, and how to nourish yourself in ways that are wholesome and sustainable… Like the young man in the card, take your time and align your work with the natural flow of growth and change. We have been given an unprecedented opening for taking stock.”

Venus goes retrograde tomorrow

On Wednesday, May 13, 2020, Venus will go retrograde and will stay there until June 25. When Venus goes retrograde it creates an effect on areas of relationships and finances, prompting the need to use extra caution when it comes to love and money.

The whole atmosphere of relationships can change going from calm to turbulent. Likewise, finances must be handled judiciously, as well as being cautionary when it comes to investments, new jobs, or opportunities.

Celebrities and famous people born on May 12

Those born today fall under the sign of Taurus (April 20-May 20). Here are a few famous people who share this Taurean birthday.

Actor Rami Malek (39), skateboarder Tony Hawk (52), rapper Cuban doll (22), actor Emilio Estevez (58), actor Stephen Baldwin (54), actor Gabriel Byrne (70), actress/singer Vanessa Williams (57), YouTube star Summer McKeen (21), Instagram Star Sierra Dallas (30), actress Odeya Rush (23), and TikTok star Charlotte Roberts (17).