Five Planets Will Go Retrograde in May and June 2020

The next two months in the cosmos will be active with five planets going retrograde.

May 2020 will have three planets, Saturn, Venus, and Jupiter, going retrograde, to be followed by two more planets, Mercury and Neptune, going retrograde in June 2020.

Five planets going retrograde, how it affects astrology

In astronomy and astrology, retrograde refers to an illusion whereby a planet appears to be moving backward.

This illusion happens when planets pass one another in orbit, and from our perspective on earth it appears that these planets are moving backward, even though they actually aren’t.

Nonetheless, this impression of backward motion affects astrology.

The “re-” in retrograde

An important concept to grasp and planets going retrograde is that the backward illusion creates a looking back or review in our lives.

One way to think of it is to consider all of our English words beginning with the prefix “Re-” and what such words imply.

These words describe things that happen to us as a result of the influence of a planetary retrograde.

For example: Revisit, retrace, rethink, refresh, rejuvenate, reestablish, relearn, reorganize, repair, etc.

Each planet in retrograde has an effect upon different areas of our life. These will be explained below as it applies to each specific planet.

Planets going retrograde in May

Three planets will go retrograde in May 2020. Here is the schedule of these astronomical events.

Saturn retrograde: May 11-September 29

Saturn in retrograde focuses our attention on our responsibilities and the boundaries these place in our lives. Unfortunately, Saturn tends to ramp up our fear and frustration in regard to these things.

This focuses us to examine how these things affect the “big picture” of our lives in the long run. What may be a burden now could very well be a blessing later, providing future strength and security.

Venus retrograde: May 13-June 25

Venus in retrograde has an effect on the areas of relationships and finances. Because retrograde creates a reversal, atmospheres of love or kindness can flip, becoming tense, losing compassion, and flaring tempers.

Finances are also challenged, making it a time for caution and being judicious with spending, as well as cautious with new opportunities, jobs, or investments.

Jupiter retrograde: May 14-September 13

Jupiter in retrograde is a time for reflection, from both philosophical and spiritual viewpoints.

Jupiter in retrograde encourages us to engage in introspection, looking for moral clarity in our lives in terms of “big picture” thinking.

Planets going retrograde in June

Two planets will go retrograde in June 2020. Here’s the schedule of these astronomical events.

Mercury retrograde: June 18-July 12

Mercury in retrograde has an effect on communication, travel and learning. As a result, there is the danger of miscommunication, travel difficulties, and impaired learning due to misunderstanding.

Mercury in retrograde is one of the most dreaded periods for those who follow astrology. However, Mercury in retrograde is not all bad. It can actually be beneficial as we revisit, rethink, revise, rejuvenate and reestablish.

It’s where we can regress to make progress.

Neptune retrograde: June 23-November 29

Neptune in retrograde is all about retrospective and rethinking. It brings clarity, allowing us to see the truth in a given situation. No longer can we turn a blind eye or procrastinate.

It also influences our spirituality, invoking a desire to serve others and develop unconditional love. We begin to see what is truly important.