French Astrologer Predicted the 2020 Global Pandemic

A French astrologer noticed an astrological pattern that was connected to pandemics, and this awareness led him, in 2011, to predict a new pandemic that would occur in 2020-2021.

French astrologer was one of the world’s greatest and most insightful

Renowned French Astrologer Andre Barbault was born during a solar eclipse in Champignelles, France on October 1, 1921, and died at the age of 98, one week after his birthday in October 2019. He has been celebrated in publications such as the Astrological Journal and the International Society for Astrological Research.

He is the author of numerous astrological books, many of which have been translated into English including “Planetary Cycles Mundane Astrology” and “The Value of Astrology.”

French astrologer identifies pandemic pattern in the universe

In 2016, André Barbault’s book “Planetary Cycles Mundane Astrology” was published.

Mundane astrology is a branch of astrology that studies the events of geographical regions, places, countries, and the whole world, rather than the astrology of individuals.

The term “mundane” comes from the Latin word mundus meaning “world,” and not the more common modern usage of dull or lacking excitement or interest.

It is within the study of mundane astrology that Barbault began to research the ancient plague of the 3rd century B.C, known as “The Plague of Cyprian” which was a pandemic that afflicted the Roman Empire about from AD 249 to 262.

Barbault explored the astrological influences of that time. He began to continue to study plagues from that time forward, including the bubonic plague epidemic known as the “Black Death” that struck in 1347, wiping out a third of the human population in Europe.

Barbault looked at astrological cycles around all of these events and discovered a pattern. He discovered that pandemics occurred when outer planets from Jupiter to Pluto orbited in close proximity.

For example, in the 1347 plague, Jupiter, Pluto, and Uranus formed a triple connection in the astrological sign of Aries, while Saturn and Neptune were separated by seventy-three degrees and the signs of Pisces and Aquarius.

In the 1665 Great Plague of London, he noted that Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune were gathered within about forty degrees.

During the Great Plague of Marseilles that hit Western Europe in 1720-1721, Saturn and a Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto gathering were within an arc of roughly 60 degrees.

Over a year before 1953, Barbault observed the Saturn-Neptune cycle and predicted a major transformation of the Soviet Union. Stalin died in 1953 and the USSR collapsed in 1989.

Using mundane astrology to determine disastrous patterns, Barbault correctly predicted the world economic crisis that occurred between the years 2008-2010.

Astrologer predicts 2020-2021 Global pandemic

A stunning prediction based on astrology by Barbault came true 9 years after he made it and only two months before his death, preventing him from personally witnessing this prediction coming true. Nonetheless, the entire world is a witness.

In 2011, Barbault made a prediction about a future pandemic.

“It may well be that we are seriously threatened by a new pandemic in 2020-2021,” Barbault prognosticated.

Barbault’s astrological knowledge and identification of patterns is a testament to the value of astrology. Unfortunately, much of the world still does not take this practice seriously. The world failed to pay attention when he predicted the 2008 financial crisis.

If the world had paid closer attention to Barbault’s track record and considered his foresight, we might have been better prepared for the global pandemic the entire world is suffering through at present.

However, going forward, we have the published works of Andre Barbault that others can learn from and build upon the skill of mundane astrology to make future predictions based on reliable patterns in the cosmos.