Happy Birthday, Taurus — Here’s What Your Sign Says About Your Financial Health


As we say goodbye to Aries season, it is officially time to wish our Taurus friends and family a happy birthday. Taurus season begins on April 21 and runs through May 20, so it’s important for all zodiac signs to be prepared for changes.

Here’s what the Taurus season means for all the signs, as well as what Taureans need to remember about finances going into summer! 

Taurus Season Is Here!

According to Cosmo, earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn) will have the best time during Taurus season, while “fixed signs” (Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius) may have a more difficult May.

“Taurus energy make you feel more hard-working and determined. You prioritize security, stability, and commitment. You’re feeling more practical, so you can pick the best ideas you came up with during your hectic Aries season and really get to work on them.”

Venus entered Taurus on April 14 and Mercury entered Taurus today, April 19, so there will be a lot of Taurus energy floating around very soon.

“The Sun enters Taurus on April 19, encouraging us to cultivate a sense of comfort and security,” Oprah Daily shared. “Mercury moves into Taurus on April 19, which might make us more stubborn when processing information (especially the kind we don’t want to hear).”

It’s Time to Have an Adventure

If you are a Taurus, now is the time to start fresh. Cut off old ties, form new relationships, and get going on your next adventure. It’s OK to be scared about the future, but that shouldn’t stop you from achieving your dreams.

According to Psychic Library, Taureans value stability and loyalty which can sometimes prevent them from trying new things. They are also extremely stubborn, which means they can be stuck in their old ways.  

“They are not risk takers. Nor are they likely to fall for get rich quick schemes. While the ways of the stable Taurean may not suit others, they ensure these Bulls will find the earthly rewards they seek.”

Be Smart With Your Money, Taureans

So, when it comes to money, try to find a balance between stability and extravagance. Taureans are known for planning for retirement, but they also have a taste for luxury. The most important thing is to have balance. Save where you can, but treat yourself every once in a while.

“There’s nothing wrong with allowing yourself to indulge in the finer things if you can afford it — just don’t let your desire for material wealth drive you into bad financial decisions,” Bustle wrote.