It’s a Time for Progress as Saturn Goes Direct With Mars


Saturn going direct with Mars will start things moving toward a time of progress, as several top astrologers explain what this means for you; plus, astrology news, horoscopes, and famous birthdays for September 29.

Astrology news and horoscopes for September 29, 2020

The Sun is in the sign of Libra. The Moon is in its waxing gibbous phase in the sign of Pisces.

Current planet positions:

Sun in Libra; Moon in Pisces; Mercury in Scorpio; Venus in Leo; Mars in Aries; Jupiter in Capricorn; Saturn in Capricorn; Uranus in Taurus; Neptune in Pisces; Pluto in Capricorn; Lilith in Aries; Chiron in Aries.

Horoscopes for September 29:

Astrologer Patrick Arundell writes: “Prudent Saturn turns direct from today after some months in its retro phase, and this can mean progress in areas where activity seemed to have stalled. Over coming weeks obstacles and snarl-ups may begin to ease and we could feel more confident about moving forward.”

Astrologer Nadia Gilchrist of Ruby Slipper Astrology explores the implications of Saturn direct square Mars retrograde in Aries. Gilchrist writes: “Saturn moves forward, right into its second square with Mars…on the one hand, there’s progress as you come to terms with traditions/rules/obligations…But you’re once again confronted with a block to your actions or demands for extra work.” She adds: “Go slow and work with the limits. Even if you’re pushing past something, you must still proceed with caution.”

Astrologer Aria Gmitter of Your Tango, gives her love forecast, writing: “Love requires structure and sometimes passion can be so unbridled it fights against controlling energy. Such is the case with this week’s astrology as Mars rx in passionate (and sometimes selfish) Aries squares staunch Saturn in deliberate Capricorn.” She adds: “While the Sun is in balanced Libra and the Moon is in Pisces, emotions can be a bit wonky but find the balance you need. It’s there for you if you seek it out.”

Born today, September 29: Sun sign of Libra

Those born today are born under the Sun sign of Libra (September 23-October 22).

If today is your birthday: Here’s your horoscope!

Astrologer Georgia Nichols writes: “This year you see that service to others, especially with family, is important. This is why you must take care of yourself so that you are a strong resource for yourself and others. Look around you and invest in the relationships that you value.”

Famous birthdays for September 29

Here is today’s list of Libra celebrities who share September 29 as their birthday!

Rocker Jerry Lee Lewis (85), Actress Chrissy Metz (40), singer-musician Mark Farner (Grand Funk Railroad) (72), Comedian Andrew ‘Dice’ Clay (63), Pop singer Halsey (26), Actress Kelly McCreary (39), TV personality Bryant Gumbel (72), Television-film composer Mike Post (76), Actor Ian McShane (78), Singer Phillip Phillips (30), Jazz musician Jean-Luc Ponty (78), Singer-bassist Les Claypool (Primus) (57), actress Erika Eleniak (51), musician Mike Pinera (Blues Image, Iron Butterfly) (72).