Zodiac Signs Most Likely to Have Life Insurance


Most people know of the importance of life insurance but very few actually have it. While it’s easy to think you don’t need it — especially if you’re young and healthy — it ensures your family will be taken care of should you pass away.

While everyone should consider the benefits of having life insurance, there may be certain zodiac signs more likely to have life insurance than others.

Whether it’s because they are habitual planners or they’re always thinking of their families, here are the signs most likely to have life insurance:


Virgos are extremely well-prepared and like to know they have all their ducks in a row. While they’re known for taking care of themselves, they also want to make sure the people in their life are taken care of as well. Because of this, a Virgo is probably very likely to purchase a life insurance policy. They don’t like the idea of something not being taken care of.


Cancers are all about taking care of the people around them, so they will not hesitate when it comes to purchasing a life insurance policy. They often think about others before thinking about themselves and don’t want to burden the people they love.

“Cancer loves family and taking care of others, making money a key aspect. As a Cancer, you want to provide, so making and managing money is critical to you,” astrologer Kim Woods told The Simple Dollar.


Capricorns tend to be naturally good with their money and know-how to invest properly. They want to make sure all their bases are covered and are always looking towards the future when it comes to money. 

“As a Capricorn, you have the focus, tenacity and ambition to make money and you’re incredibly good at it. You’re also an excellent money manager and love the long-term, so investments are dreamy for you,” Woods explained. 


A Taurus really values stability and comfort, which is why they’re likely to have a life insurance policy. Though they have a tendency to be a bit materialistic, they ultimately do what’s right with their money and like the idea of everything being taken care of. 


Libras look at all different possibilities when it comes to their money, which can be both a downfall and a positive. Because Libras tend to get bogged down in the details, they usually consult someone close to them when it comes to money. They will listen to people they trust and do what they believe is right.